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Where we're From

While our primary workforce is predominantly sourced from Malta, Nepal, India, and Dubai, we welcome applications from individuals worldwide, provided they meet all the necessary requirements for the position.

How we Value our Employees 


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Michelle Saliba

Michelle has a significant leadership role and is in charge of setting the overall direction and everyday operations of the organization. She works closely with other executives and department heads to develop and implement strategies, goals, and policies that align with the organization's mission and goals. Michelle ensures that every department is running smoothly and successfully. She also monitors key performance metrics to assess the company's progress. She allocates funds, allots resources, and makes operational decisions with the goal of increasing output and profit. It is her role to develop a positive work environment, motivate employees, and maintain strong relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. She fosters the company's long-term growth and prosperity calls for exceptional leadership, sound business judgment, and the ability to produce results.


Get to know us 

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